from the bottom of my heart…

I wish I could tell you that I just got in from are pulling a rosy-cheeked, tightly bundled Annabelle
across the yard in a little red sled, the snow falling softly like lace down around us. 
Instead I’ll tell you the truth, that I am watching out the window as sheets of wind-blown rain, 
pelt the side of the house.
Not exactly the sort of weather you wish for at Christmastime…
I wish I could tell you our Christmas Tree glows from floor to ceiling, covered in sparkles and twinkles. 
Thankfully our little Annabelle has enough Holiday sparkle and twinkle of her own, to make up for the lack of tree, trimmings and usual Christmas decor at our house.  
We decided this year for all intensive safety purposes that maybe it would be better not to have real live
pine needles, bark and twigs and such kicking around the house. 
Especially since Annabelle at any given meal, would just as soon nibble on bark as cheerios.
  I didn’t think I could cut out the Christmas tradition tree  cold-turkey, so David graciously agreed to a mini tree, well actually three. One for each of us.
They are about 8" tall. They are real. And really very cute. 
So that, on top of the anticipation of the big and beautiful Christmas trees to be enjoyed at at both Poppy and Nana’s and Papa and Mor-mors and everywhere else we go over Christmas,
 more than makes up for not having a big tree of our own this year.
It feels like Annabelle is growing faster than ever.  Her arms and legs are getting so long and she’s fast.
She gets around the house like a flash of lightning. 
She loves to clap, dance and sing Christmas Carols. Her favorite is Feliz Navidad. Seriously.
She absolutely goes nuts when that song comes on the radio or if we sing it to her.  
This morning she said the word button! Twice. If babies had hobbies, hers woud be buttons.
That, un-folding the laundry, emptying out drawers and quacking like a duck.
The other day she said grandpa to my dad over the phone…
he was so proud you could almost hear the "buttons" popping off his shirt.
But I have to say my current favorite word that she says happens to be saying is: Ma-Ma.
The other thing that we are trying to teach her and is how to blow kisses.
Her constant beaming face and contagious laughter
fill our house and hearts with more magic than a dozen Christmases.
That being said, may your Christmas be filled with more JOY than you know what to do with.  

20 Comments to “from the bottom of my heart…”

  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THank you for sharing with us! You are soooooo very welcome to view our christmas tree ANYTIME!! And Anniebelles can have a nibble or two on the bark if she so desires (GREAT fiber! LOL). Love the colors on here! Love the drawing too! NOT to mention the pictures and the dainty christmas trees!
    Love you more then you will ever know Chelle!
    XO\’s to my darlings!
    Auntie Min

  2. Oh, don\’t you love when they are that young and discovering!?!?  She\’s so precious.  As far as the weather goes, don\’t feel alone.  It has been 70 degrees here – not Christmas weather AT ALL.  My kids would love some fluffy white snow 🙂
    I think the small tree idea is wonderful.  You\’ll have plenty of Christmases for a big, towering tree.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  3. There is so much beauty in your life! It amazes me how quick the little ones learn once they put their mind to it. As for the tree, we have put up a fake on the last couple years (aren\’t many places to find a tree around here with soft pine needles (like white pines)). This year she wants to touch it, but mostly I think that is just to test what it feels like. After having it up a week, we felt okay putting decorations on it. However, we just put bows, instead of glass ornaments. It still looks cute!
    I hope the weather improves and you have a very merry christmas!
    Crystal and Charis

  4. She sounds like so much fun!

  5. quacking like a duck eh? annabelle and i might be kindred hearts.  Ü
    glad to hear you\’re safe and warm. the weather has been frightful. much more so up where you are.

  6. I love Annabelle\’s new hobbies- especially quacking! The days slip by so quickly, but each one has it\’s own special joy, which are blessed to recognize.

  7. The beautiful little family.Thanks for sharing the pictures ,and this entry.I think the little trees are so cute.You will have a chance to start christmas traditions of the tree when she gets a little older.Have a good Holiday.

  8. I am so glad I am FINALLY able to leave a comment here! Yay!!! Sounds like you three are enjoying life to it\’s fullest…Three little Christmas trees instead of One BIG tree sounds like a fantatic and adorable idea. Noah doesn\’t seem to attack the ornaments as bad as I thought he would, but he does like to test me lol. I think it so adorable that your little Annabelles is clapping and dancing and singing hehehe and says cute little words! Noah claps all the time now when he dances…he too likes Christmas songs but I havent played the Feliz Navida one yet! I wish i could see t his Annabelle in person her and little Noah would have so much fun dancing, clapping and saying Ma-ma together. How fun!
    I hope you and yours have a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!
    Love to you three from us

  9. hi chelle!
    how is that dear annabelle? i agree with minta on the bark issue, you know. our baby is now one year old! she can walk now. plus, she says some words, like "daddy" and "mama" and all that.
    just checking in,

  10. I love the Christmas feel here, this is very cool. There will be many more years for trees, no worries plenty of time for Annabelle to experience the whole tree thing! Devon is amazed at our tree. Of course there\’s no touching and since he can\’t crawl into it, yeah good thing. I\’m afraid Mimi will not have such luck next year when he\’s into everything! His mom and dad are in for it with him, he is so smart!
    Just wanted to come by and wish you a Very Merry Christmas!!!

  11. Sounds like you have a future sewer on your hands!  Glad you at least got the mini trees!  It\’s just not Christmas without one of some kind!  Have a great week!  God bless 🙂

  12. (((gingerbread-with-whipped-cream-hugs)))

  13. Chelle…so glad to hear a tidbit from your life…have been missing little tales of Annabelle and the simple joys of your days.  Alas…isn\’t it wonderful that regardless of decorations our sweet babies have the delightful twinkles in their eyes!  Annabelle sounds to be just precious with her buttons and quacking…and of course emptying laundry baskets…one of ELizabeth\’s favorite thigns to do as well…then she loves to plop herself in it and smile with a very satisfied and mischevious grin! 🙂  Merry Christmas dearest Chelle!

  14. After a hectic Fall, and a move filled with excitement, I finally have time to stop in and see what all my blogging buddies are up to!  I sure hope that your Christmas has been wonderful.  I\’ve no doubt that it has been.  Annabelle is such a sweetie!  Little arms growing, and speed gaining, you are in for so much fun!
    Here\’s wishing you a blessed New Year!  I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

  15. Missing you…….

  16. Oh Chelle,
    Missed you…What a beautiful journey to watch Annabelle grow. I am in awe at my little one as well, but watching Annabelle just gives a hint of what I will be experiencing soon. I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas despite the rain and the reduced trimmings on the tree. God\’s richest blessings to you and your family in the coming year!

  17. Yeah!!!! i am doing a dance! for the first timein well over a month I have been able to get into this door and view your space YEAAH!!! I shriek again.
    I do hope that the holiday was funfilled and safe! and that 2007 is as incredible a year with your sweet Annabelle as 2006 was …. may it be even better!
    Hugs to you my friend
    Yeah I can see you I can see you!

  18. I\’m back to the blogging world…for today anyway!  What delightful pictures of Christmas. Annabelle is getting so big and just as cute as before. I hope your holidays were blessed. Your sight always makes me smile.
     Happy New Year!!!

  19. Chelle…so glad to see your comment on my space…I have missed your little blogs…so perhaps we will soon hear about the wonderful world of Annabelle!  What precious Christmas pictures!

  20. Absolutely beautiful Christmas photos! Annabelle looked darling! That wreath idea was neat, may have to borrow that one next year. I hope you are all doing well and staying warm. You take care and don\’t be a stranger!
    Hugs & Blessings,

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