Hi Everyone!

A post is in the works…It’s been so long I don’t even know where to start. I just need a nice chunk of time to sit down and sort out the last month, so I can hit on the highlights,
of which there have been many. Stay tuned for more then and my love to each of you. 

10 Comments to “Hi Everyone!”

  1. You\’re absolutely right about not needing another blog to keep up with. 🙂 We can\’t hardly manage the ones we have now. 🙂 The book I was wanting to find was Escaping into the open : the art of writing true by Elizabeth Berg. Remember it now? I haven\’t checked out the Mark of the Lion Series yet, but it\’s on my list. Love you SO MUCH! Talk to you again very soon!
    Much Love,

  2. Chelle, I wondered what had happened to you 🙂  So glad all is well.  I also wish a blessed 2007 for you and your family. 
    Looking forward reading your next blog and catching up 🙂

  3. I look forward to hearing about the last month. I love the pictures of Annabelle! I will check back later on!
    ~Crystal M.

  4. Hi I miss you too.
    Getting on to your space is really a hit or miss experience some days I get in and then others like yesterday it shuts down my explorer. Oh well, but I am here now. YEAH!
    Your daughter sweet Annabelle as sweet as ever!! is she walking or is it just cruising. I loved this time of exploration and learning and I know you are enjoying it too.
    Looking forward to your highlights. Will try again

  5. Oh I can\’t wait, I have missed you!

  6. Oh my gosh, the pictures of Annabelle are darling!  Are you like me, the picture taker, and you rarely wind up in any pictures?  I love to take them and my husband doesn\’t care either way so I\’m rarely in a photo with Lilla…bummer!  And, unfortnately, when I am it is usually blurry since my husband loses focus pretty easy on something like that.  Oh well, what are you going to do?!?!
    Anyway, I\’m looking forward to your next blog entry!  Have a great Thursday!

  7. Look at her!  She\’s changed so much since the fall – I was one of the one\’s who got booted out every time trying to come to your site this fall/winter.
    Glad your site is back up and again, look at her – so adorable – she\’s really grown.
    I love the pictures you find.  Which reminds me.  My MIL just finished a cross stitch Norman Rockwell picture of Saying Grace for my son (see link for image: http://www.globalgallery.com/enlarge/003-13425/ – and just had it framed.  It should be gorgeous.
    Anyways, hope all is well and you\’re surviving all our storms.

  8. The new album is wonderful,Annabelle is crawling now,Wow look at her go.Now you will have a full time job keeping her out of things.And shopping will be a whole new experience,LOL Is the Puppy yours? It is nice for children to grow up with animals,even if Mommy usually has more work to do.

  9. Welll…..it\’s a good start! i guess the holidays cause many of us to vanish. been wondering how much of the cray Nwest weather you\’ve been getting in your neighborhood. we got a dusting of snow….soooo…..not….enough.

  10. I can visit you here — how exciting!  And I\’m very excited to read your newest post.  I\’ve been Chelle Deprived (I\’m pretty sure that\’s in the DSM IV somewhere …).  Things are going well – very well.  God is always so much bigger than I think, even though that\’s something I know.  Revelation in Him has been amazing lately.  Last grad school test this Saturday; think I\’ve studied as much as will help me.  I\’m excited to get it over with!  Thank you *so* much for your prayer – I can actually sense more strength/protection! 😉  You\’re a dear!

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