a fresh start…

It’s been a while since I last hit the, " publish entry" button. I have missed it.  And even though I feel like I am leaving a big gap by not having written since before Christmas, it’s just a little too overwhelming to think of  picking up where I left off, all those weeks ago. So instead of filling you in on the last month, I am going to start fresh, with something that doesn’t take a lot of remembering, a random re-telling of the thoughts and joys that have been on my heart and mind., today.   

 Naturally, that means I am about to talk about my sweet little family. Especially, our dear little daughter, who is my constant wee companion.  And a source of non-stop delight.


For starters, here is snippet from a comment I left for a friend of mine who has such a lovely, lovely little blog, telling her about the excitment stemming from Annabelle’s morning nap, in connection with the excitement of her very own little girl’s nap, which you can read about here.  

" Funny you should mention Audrey’s crib/snot escapades in today’s post because not minutes before, reading your post, I went in to check on a very quiet Annabelle who had been napping for a unusually long time…only to find her much to my horror, happily peeling and eating pieces of the cork off the bulletin board I have up next to her crib. She was so pleased with herself…I had no idea she could reach it from her crib…needless to say the bulletin board is being hung far, far from her curious little reach…"


Words that our isty-bitsy, teeny-tiny daughter has been saying:




ite ( as in a bite of food)


elly-button ( she said it to David and I the other night…clear as day, you should have seen our jaws drop in astonishment)


ity (pretty) She says it when she is playing with my earrings and I say, " yes those are Mommy’s Pretties, be gentle!")

peas (Please)











eeka-oo ( peek-a-boo)





yuck ( often copy-catting one of us for telling her to spit out whatever she just put in her put in her mouth from off the floor!)


nd the new Word of the day: ooon ( i.e. balloon) She saw a smiley faced helium balloon at Fred Meyer’s tonight and it gave her such a thrill…I think know what Daddy is going to be getting her for Valentines day…Also while shopping, David decided we were going to dump out the contents of our canvas shopping bag and replace them with our baby…he get’s these silly inklings in the store of all places…and boy was she ever happy all tucked in her little swinging pouch.

Some of her Favorite Things:




And Junk Mail(finally someone around here who appriciates it)


She loves giving kisses…And of all the kinds of kisses there are in the world, aren’t baby kisses are the best? She opens her mouth slightly, leans in and lightly rests her tiny lips on yours, for well, quite a while…And Until this last week she was holding out on kissing her Daddy ( we think it has something to do with his scratchy facial hair) but now it’s a all I can do to get a kiss in edge-wise…and let me tell her Daddy is beyond pleased.
It was so cute, the other night as we were about to drift off to sleep , out of nowhere David asked me if I would like an Annabelle-kiss…
“From you?” I said.
“mmm hmmm.“
…the imitation was so perfect it sent me into a fit of giggles.
‘shhhh…you’ll wake the baby.” He wispers. But I think I can hear him smiling in the dark.


She waves all the time…she even waves at “things.” When I bring her out of her room from a nap, she’ll wave at the piano or the stove, or just out the window at the kitty.

She throws her hands up in the air, over her head and grins proudly when we say…“how big is baby?” “Soooo big.” Her poppy taught her how to do this over Christmas. My mom used to do it with me when I was a baby…


oes twirling is count as a hobby? If not, it should be. We have spent the last few nights dancing around the kitchen…with Christmas money from my Dad, David and I picked out a under the cabinet CD player to go in the kitchen…We have been having more fun in our music-filled kitchen. And Annabelle loves twirling, it makes her giggle and that, makes me giggle.

 And now I need to run. Baby is all tucked in for the night and David and I have a date planned. We are going to play a cut-throat game of Phase 10 on the living room floor,watching Loony Tunes and eating chocolate. After all, this is precisely what Friday nights are for!






25 Comments to “a fresh start…”

  1. Merhaba from Turkey

  2. lol…my niece say peas too for please…it\’s so cute…one day i was owie oowie…then a week later i was an oowie…one day about two weeks after i was an eeme….the other day out of no where i was aimee…clear as day…no aunt…but my name said perfect…i love watching her grow…
    :o) smiles are contagious…and free…as well as a great start to the new year…pass one to people that you love and those you don\’t…and soon everyone will be smiling… :o)

  3. I sit here with tears in my eyes even now as I think of the sweet joy that is a baby!  Thanks for sharing precious Annabelle stories with us today!

  4. How adorably cute that little Annabelle has become. All those adorable words she is speaking and her dancing and waving! It sounds like her and litle Noah would have much in common together. They would definitely play and dance so well! Peas for Please how cute! Noah says pretty pretty too…we taught him how to say it when referring to all the christmas lights on the tree and now we are trying to teach him to say pretty please …he says "tank ooo" lol. Aren\’t babys so magically and mysteriously precious?! I have very much enjoyed watching Annabelle grow and all the wonderful stories you have shared…Looking forward to reading on to your "fresh start"
    Lots of Loves and Blessings to you and your family from ours!!!

  5. I LOVE Phase 10, but I can never get William to play. I see sweet little Annabelle has quiet the vocabulary now!

  6. Hello dear friend! How wonderful it is to see a blog written by you! Three in just a couple of days! How lucky am I? 🙂 It seems crazy to be so happy over a blog when I talk to you every other day or two, but still. Anything you write is a joy and a delight to read. Darling darling Annabelle! How we all long to just scoop her up and give her a squeeze. She\’s so sweet.
    Well, my dear family is all ready for bed and I have been overcome with sleepiness the past few days so I should go tuck Olivia in and then go rest on my cloud. 🙂
    Much love forever and ever,

  7. I forgot to mention how much I LOVE your earrings in your self portraits! They are so beautiful. Someone has very good tastes. 😉

  8. Toooooo cute! Thanks for the smile!

    Happy Monday!
    God bless 🙂

  9. Chelle…how precious….Annabelle has so many sweet little words…can you believe how much she is growing!?  And someone has a one year birthday coming up very soon, doesn\’t she!  So good to see you "back" in blog-land!

  10. I\’m ever so excited!  I have finally been able to get on your blog…such joy.  Thanks for your beautiful moments, lovely to read.  Big Hug to you and yours.
    Sarah  🙂

  11. You seem to embrace and enjoy those baby moments!  Enjoy and Blessings in the New Year!  Just  precious pics.  Mt baby is almost 3 and it flies fast so keep remebering those memories.

  12. Happy New year! What a delight to read of all the joys little Annabelle has brought into your lives. She is getting so big, with so many new teeth, words and everything. She is a doll. Thanks for sharing the joys, the laughters and all the cuddly moments that make life that much more enjoyable.

  13. This is lovely! I really really missed your writings! Oh sweet Annabelle is doing so well with her talking –Enjoy it !! This age is so glorious!
    Do hope you are having the best week!

  14. Hi Chelle
    that picture of the house in the snow with the sun behind it… is AMAZING!!!! Had to come by and tell you that. Oh and you and your daughter are so beautiful. She is really adorable and growing soooo fast!! Really nice pics.

  15. Welcome back! What a joy your little one is- so glad you know to cherish the time. 

  16. So nice to hear about you and Annabelle again.Aren\’t babies so precious when they are exploring their world and learning to talk.I love the new album,she is such a happy baby,always smiles.Thanks for sharing how she is growing.The self portraits are also cute,are you setting the camera on something,or using a tripod? Don\’t tell me your arm is long enough to reach out and get them so well,LOL

  17. I so enjoyed reading about your darling little Annabelle 🙂 I just love to listen to babies talking and learning words ,they are so precious .
    God knows how to bless us .it\’s a while since I visited here ,I will have to come more often & keep up with Annabelles progress 🙂

    just wanted to share this verse from a hymn with you :-
    \’No matter what you may do \’
    the Lord said
    \’I shall be faithful  and true \’
    the Lord said
    \’My love will strengthen you as you go along,
    for you\’re my travelling wandering race .
    You\’re the people of God\’
    and let you know it is a joy to travel with you 🙂
    love and blessings

  18. That was just so sweet.  I am so glad that I now have my precious grandson to see all of that again, watch a new life learn and grow and give such sweet and honest love. I\’m lucky also because my 7-1/2 yr old Jansen is still so very sweet and loving. Since he is so much younger than my oldest 2, I vowed to keep him little forever. Although this is obviously not possible, I will at least teach him that he\’s never too old to give mom lots of hugs and kisses!
    Love to you all!

  19. come back! we want more Ü

  20. Hello Chelle,
    JUst checking in…hope all is well!
    Sarah  🙂

  21. Just dropping in to say Hello! Hope you are having a great week!

  22. Hello there dear:)  Just stopping in for a quick visit!  I though I had written more about it on my blog, but you wern\’t the first person to ask.  I am a spanish education major in college, so in order to graduate I have to spend a semester in Spain.  I will be here until the end of June.  Seems like an eternity doesn\’t it!!  I loved your new pictures.  They were just darling:D  I\’m so glad that you had a good time on your short vacation and that you got to meet the new little nephew.  There aren\’t many things that are as exciting as meeting a wee little one for the first time:)  I pray that things are going well for you and your sweet family (Annabelle is getting sooo big!).  And I look forward to your next blog.  Reading your sweet thoughs always make my day brighter. *Hugs*

  23. CHelle…the new pictures are PRECIOUS….I love the one of her kissing baby Beau!

  24. Chelle!  You posted and I didn\’t know it!  I have so missed your postings and your photos of precious Annabelle.  She is growing SO fast!

  25. hello my busy friend!
    hope all is good with you, your husband and your cutie pie Annabelle.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

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