How old is baby?



Annabelle Lucy you are a pure joy to know!

Happy Birthday to the nicest, dearest little

girl that ever there was!  


Daddy and Mommy



9 Comments to “How old is baby?”

  1. Awww!! What cute pictures!!! A happy birthday to a very cute little girl!!!
     Was so good chatting with you the other day, Chelle. We really do need to get together soon. Love you guys. Sarah, Cameron and Sydney Rose

  2. Happy Birthday to Annabelle!  She and Lilla sure are close in age.  Isn\’t it fun?  Cute pic!
    Take care and enjoy this special time,

  3. Happy birthday Annabelle! Wow is she really 1????? It seems like she was so itsy bitsy no time ago. Time sure flies. She is as adorable as ever, congrats!

  4. Happy. happy, happy birthday!  Sure looks like she enjoyed herself!

  5. Sending birthday wishes & kisses from windy California- Happy Day, Annabelle!


  7. Happy Birthday to Annabelle!!!  Toooo cute!God bless 🙂

  8. isn\’t every age the very best age?  how fun to watch your little girl grow, form here in the light of my late night computer.

  9. Ohhhhh if she is isn\’t the cutest one year old ever!! Hugs to sweet Annabelle and "Happy Birthday Dear sweetie! Happy Birthday to you!!"  So I am a little late so be it and Chelle you have been a Mommy for a year already WOOHOO!!

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