Signs of Spring

I must be in the mood for spring because today I:
1. Wore capris
2. Had a iced coconut latte
3. Let Annabelle crawl all over the front lawn
4. And planted sweet pea seeds
Now all we have to do is wait, and hope for the best.



12 Comments to “Signs of Spring”

  1. I cannot wait for Spring either!!  I wish it was warm enough here to wear capris!  I\’ll settle for a t-shirt though.  Have a great dayGod bless 🙂

  2. It has been nice to go outside and bask in the warm sunshine! I keep hearing it won\’t last….but I am not listening. 🙂 Keep enjoying and Happy belated birthday to Annabelle (sorry, I was out of town and missed the post)!

  3. Hello Chelle! First I am loving the new grass layout! I am seeing it everywhere which makes me smile because it makes the world feel so much more like spring is here! The wind is a little chilly here, but I can see spring come all around us! So so glad to see that Annabelle had such a wonderful first birthday! Adorable pictures you have up there I especially love all the cupcake makings.
    Hope that your days are filled with lots of sunshine and many of God\’s blessings

  4. Oh how I wish I had a green thumb! I unfortunatley kill everything that is green unless it is a philidandrum. But those are so easy to care for!

  5. Sweet Chelle and wittew miss Annie-lu,
    How we miss you! I would love to share a nice glass of iced tea and sit on the lawn with our "kids" lol (does that word still hit you funny? It does me! LOL). Enjo the warmth and sunny days for my kiddos and I too! I sent Faith and Nelson out to play and they came back in only 20 minutes later with RED noses, ears, and hands! TOOOO cold still for much outdoor activity here!
    Anyhow, Miss you greatly and glad to see you enjoying life with a NOW HEALTHY baby girl!
    XO\’s for you two!
    Auntie Min

  6. Oh this is lovely.
    Hope you have a great Weekend!!

  7. Ooooh~ I love sweet peas! I need to get some in the ground soon, too.

  8. Sounds like a great day!  It is very windy here with dirt flying everywhere!

  9. Ph how wonderful…can\’t wait for the warmth to visit us in Indiana!  Our big project this spring is a garden!  Yeah!

  10. Ph how wonderful…can\’t wait for the warmth to visit us in Indiana!  Our big project this spring is a garden!  Yeah!

  11. I was also wishing that Madison could play in our yard. But down here we have a very bad problem with red ants, they attack you if you get near their home. Last year when I was still pregnant I stepped onto a hill and within a second my foot was almost covered in them. I had to toss my shoe off in th yard and hose my foot off, those critters sting so bad when they bite!Oh well, I guess we have the beach! I\’ll just have to be careful about her wanting to eat the sand!

  12. OOOHH I am so jeolous.That is at least a month away for me,we are gearing up for a second wave of severe winter storms in a week.Think Spring.

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