Birthday Party Tales…

We did in fact end up having a party in honor of little Miss Annabelle Lucy’s first birthday this past Saturday, after having cancled and rescheduled, TWICE. My parents were there all the way from ID. which was a treat, to say the least. Mom and I whipped out this pretty party banner last minute. We were both so thrilled with the way it turned out and I would love to make more to sell in my very own online shop at a place called Etsy.

It is still hanging over the table in my dining room and find myself still so enchanted by it that I may end up leaving it there forever.
As you can see, our little party was a complete with pink tulips, cupcakes, a soft yellow with polka-dots, " floo-fee" dress and a bunch, a bouquet of sorts ,if you will, of beautiful " guests" all laughing and eating jelly beans.
And I must make mention of all the lovely little presents, like the oh so cute, wee girly pink car shown below, a so sweet gift from Annabelle’s lovely Great Auntie Kris.

It was a smashing success if I do say so myself.



14 Comments to “Birthday Party Tales…”

  1. Oh, Happy Birthday, sweet Annabelle!  What a wonderful party – you outdid yourself.

  2. Oh I remember when my little Linz turned 1… she was in her pink dress and balloons on her Birthday…Now she is SWEET 16!!!   You are so wonderful to capture her first year.  As a scrapbooker, I adore your banner!  Birthday Blessings for Annabelle!

  3. How beautiful that was!  I loved the pictures.  Thanks for sharing.

  4. lovely pictures ,thanks for sharing your little darling with us all ..
    love and blessings

  5. it truly looks like a lovely party!

  6. That turned out so lovely.  How did you make the banner, a computer program?  Very nice!
    Yesterday I was listening to a one of Mark\’s sermons, one from January on Ruth, and I thought of you.  I love podcasts!  I still get to listen to Mark preach whenever I want, yeah!  A little taste of Seattle.
    Take care,

  7. Oh, everything looked so sweet & lovely! Great you were able to share the celebration with your parents- what special memories.

  8. Oh, everything was so adorable! And of course little miss Annabelle was the most adorable. You did a great job, good idea on the etsy shop. I will have to start checking out your stuff also, do you have a site or user name on there yet?
    I hope you are all doing well. I am enjoying the very springlike weather we are getting here. Still looking for that pat-time job, I know it will come. I am very picky, which may be the problem.
    Hugs to you all!

  9. Happy Belated birthday sweet sweet Annabelle! and Happy Anniversary to you one year as a Mummy 🙂
    Chelle you and your Mom put together such a beautiful party. That banner is gorgeous. I know you would get great sales . Good Luck!

  10. Dear Chelle,
    Annabelle is so sweet and cute. She is becoming more and more beautiful everyday. God bless your family. Time runs so fast isn\’t it? Just a short time ago, she was months old and now here she is…

  11. Oh no, i missed it…oh well, i am sending belated birthday nonetheless. Happy Birthday Annabelle! It looks like you had a lovely party. I am now looking around for decor for my little one\’s first birthday. I would buy your banner! It\’s adorable.

  12. What a breath of fresh air….   your daughter is so sweet, so nice to see the photos of her with her Daddy.  Yes, your \’Happy Birthday\’ banner is very unique!  Great job!   You have a blessed family.

  13. Happy birthday to Annabelle!  Glad to hear the party went well!God bless 🙂

  14. the birthday banner is quite charming!
    the time flies doesn\’t it? the milestones are fun though. each new phase sweet.
    so……anyone asking you when you\’re going to have another baby yet?  not to rush you, but aunts wonder about these things. Ü

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