A List…

It’s been awhile since I sat down to write. I have forgotten to jot down so many little things that I will want to rememebr someday…but I don’t have a lot of time to organize my thoughts, so please bare with a random list. I am hoping it will jog my memory as I go:
  • Spring is in full swing as you can see from the newest photo album…and we have been enjoying every possible drop of sunshine.
  •  Annabelle is crazy about going outside. "Out-out" she calls it. Often when someone opens the door, and she cannot go out,  she’ll cry as if her heart as been broken.  I have to watch her very carefully when we are out of doors because she is very fond of sucking on rocks and eating dirt. I’m serious. It’s awful. You’d think after she’d tasted them once, she’d realize they aren’t at all delicious, but she hasn’t yet. Oh and she is also very tempted by George’s bowl of cat food. And I am afraid that if she tries it, especially after the rocks and dirt,  she may actually like it.  So you see,  I really can’t take my eyes off of her for a second, because we really can’t have our one year old going around eating cat-food.
  • We were able to see Pete, Minta and the kids while they were here a couple weekends ago. . It was a short but sweet time with them.  The baby is amazing and darling and just growing like a little weed. David and I were able to take Neslon and Faith and Anniebelle on a hilarious outing to the park. On our way there, four blocks from Grannie Annie’s Faith picked bouquets of bright yellow-stemmed things, thought of by most anyone but little girls as weeds. And Nelson kept calling them "c"andylions which I thought was irresistably cute, and still remember it several weeks later. That afternoon at the park stands out in my short-term memory as a particularly bright spot, as we love our times wih them!
    On these warm days when the sky is a shade for-get-me not blue. We have brought the outdoors in and the indoors out by and turning our porch into a extra room. I have blocked off the stairs with a baby-gate and set up a studio of sorts for myself, complete with vintage tablecloth over a small patio table, a chair, and plenty of toys for babykins. . and it makes the most wonderful playroom ever, as we happily come and go at our leisure
  • Annabelle has been taking steps for several weeks now…somedays she is very brave and will take off across the room on her own, other’s we have to coax and bribe her…still I know it’s only a short time until she prefers running circles around me, to crawling around like a little lightning bug.
  • David has joined the Volunteer Fire Department in the small town where we live in. The initial training lasts 10 weeks and is very intensive. He is going several nights a weeks and all day Saturday, on top of a full time job and studying 2-4 hours daily. So as you can imagine, we are literally marking off the weeks until he is official. And he looks so good in full-garb. It suits him. Like he was born to be a firefighter or something. Maybe he was…we have to wait and see about that.
  • While we miss him so much when he is gone, I have tried to fill up my evenings with projects and have been working away on a little cyber shop of my own, in a "place" called Etsy that you can find here. It has been so much fun to have a creative outlet, along with the appeal and possibility of earning a little extra money.
  • I must have spring fever or something because today I mowed the lawn, weeded the front-yard flower border and  finished up pruning all my roses. A. Kathy gave me a pruning lesson and I tried to follow her instructions, but I am a little nervous, being a first-time pruner and all, I just hope I haven’t killed them all. Also today, I made the delightful discovery today that the sweet peas I planted in the middle of Feb. have all come up quite nicely. It is truly lovely to have flowers blooming in the yard once again… 
  • So the busy happy days fill up and fly by and any chance to be together as a family, even just snuggling on the living room floor for 10 min. is very much of a treat. Makes me really appriciate the things I have taken for granted  as being "normal everyday life" like sitting down for a evening meal, without anyone having to rush off, taking a evening stroll around the neighborhood, sleeping in on Sat mornings, and then getting to spend the whole entire day together. But after tommorow I will have checked off another week, with only 7 left to go! I am just so glad that I  have a precious little bestest friend  and side-kick here at all times. She is such good, cute company for her mommy.
  • As someone once said "Real life is the the best fairytale of all.

8 Comments to “A List…”

  1. sounds as though you have been savoring each and every day…just delightful.  annabelle just gets cuter and cuter each time you post pictures!

  2. It is such a wonder to me how dirt, rocks and paper can taste so good yet any type of food, for my daughter at least, you\’d think was poison.  What a goof!  Oh, and it\’s the water dish for our dog that lilla gets into.  I\’m always having to put it up on the table.  Poor dog is probably constantly thirsty!
    Don\’t worry about the pruning, you\’ll be fine.  As long as you don\’t cut the root it will come back!
    Oh, I just listened to one of Mark\’s sermons on Ruth and I think I\’m now going to have to name my first son Boaz.  What a guy!
    Take care,

  3. You are really stopping to smell the roses, very good! Yes, very soon you will be chasing Miss Annabelle all around the house as she runs! Devon has also started taking steps. He will stand for long periods of time, especially if you give him something to hold in hid hands, he kinda forgets he is standing and will just stand forever! They grow sooooooo fast. Devon has a very multi word vocabulary, but of course no Mimi yet! He said Dad 1st, then Mama, then 5 other words came right away, so when I am sitting him, I repeat Mimi over and over and he just grins at me. Will not say it. My mom keeps him 5 days a week while Jade works and of course he has said Mawmaw already!
    Have a great week!

  4. I\’m glad to read that you all are taking time out to enjoy the Spring, even with all the busy-ness of your life.
    How exciting that Hubby is going to be a volunteer firefighter- my guy would love to do that- alas, he a bit too, um, venerable to qualify 🙂
    Don\’t worry about the roses; they can handle severe pruning (I\’m ruthless, much to Chris\’ dismay) & will come back even better.

  5.  I\’ve missed coming to visit you! It is so good to hear your news, even though I know most of it already. 🙂 Just to see something new. I love the pictures. Annabelle looks so sweet in her dress. I\’m glad to see that she is getting to wear it already. Don\’t worry about the roses. We always prune ours to about a foot off the ground or so (it\’s a bit more technical but I\’ll tell you on the phone rather than write it all out here) and they are always better than they were before. I\’m sure you did great! Poor you with Annabelle sucking on rocks! Yucky! Thankfully Olivia didn\’t do much of that. I really didn\’t put her on the ground much at this age because of fire ants and a very large doggy in the back yard. So, we missed that stuff. I\’m glad. Maybe not with the next one though. lol Ok, my friend, I had better run. I\’m supposed to be updating the etsy shop, but I\’m feeling lazy. 🙂 Love you always!

  6. I love the pictures Chelle, your Anniebelle is so adorable she is jut too cute for words…It looks so pretty and green over there, as it is here but kind of cold here lately lol…Im waiting until we can officially bring out all the spring clothes and snap good shots…Noah and Anniebelle would have so much fun together, but I am excited about your exciting news and hope your Easter weekend is full o fmany blessings
    Much love to your sweet family from ours

  7. Oh how funny! Im such a slow typer, and I feed off ideas as I type, so it usally takes me forever! lol I am just positive that Noah and Annabelle would have a ball together 😀 Noah enjoys all the pics of her and I tell him to say "Annabelle" and he just smiles ;)…I\’ts most definitely a crush…but thank you and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!
    Many hugs and kisses your way from us

  8. Oh Annabelle is such a cutie! It is great that you have found a creative outlet. I know that your store on Etsy will do great.

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