14 Months Today

…and she’s officially walking.
Got an email from my Dad this afternoon, that read :
"There she goes!!!  Life will never be the same, but that’s ok." 
love pops


Her Favorite Things Right Now:

Playing peek-a-boo. Which consists of her yelling out "boooh" when she hides her face only to very quickly peek back at us with a huge grin, often accompanied by squeals. She is so very proud of herself for being so tricky!

And we of course laugh and laugh because we can’t help it.

The other big thing that she’s into right now is playing the bellybutton game. You really should try it sometime. The object is to lift your shirt ( or even your "team-mates" shirt if you’d rather) or look down your( or your "team-mates") shirt.

Once you’ve finally spotted the sought after b.b. (we have shortened it to "bee-boo") you burst out into a giggle of glee
 and then proceed to tickle yourself or your "team-mate" with gusto.
You repeat this pattern over and over until you get distracted by something like, the cat for instance.

Words She is saying:

Hi there!
happy! (this is my favorite word that she says)

boo ( boooh)
thank you ( we tell her, " say please’ so she says " tane-choo")
side (outside)
pretty (this is my other favorite word that she says…
usually either in response to someone’s earrings or a flower we’ve stopped to smell)
one ( if you ask her " how old is baby")
that (dat) she say to everthing as she points with her chubby little baby finger
snack (sna)
and drink (dink)

And she nods her head all the time. When we anyone says anything, She looks you in the eye nods. I mean, she is just always agreeable. Perhaps it’s has something to do with the fact that she has yet to learn to shake her head or say the word no,which of course we are in no hurry for her to add to her growing vocabulary list.


So aside from the occasional poop in the bath-tub, refusal to nap or eat her peas, emptying of the contents of every bottom drawer in our house, and the kind of fit that is accompanied by throwing oneself down on the floor, much wailing and kicking of the feet…being her mommy is pure bliss.


11 Comments to “14 Months Today”

  1. Wanted to let you know that I added a few pictures of Chip to the Falls Park pictures at your request. He is not so photogenic yet, I grabbed my digital and rousted him about, he is very cute, but hides alot in his burrow, I really want to sneek a pic of him sitting up and eating, it is so cute. I have him on video, running in his wheel and playing alot. I think he is starting to like all the food and fresh water and amusements~

  2. This is Amanda (wonderwife)…just using my other sign-in.  Your dad is right…life will never be the same!  But think of all the fun you will be having chasing her all over creation!  It sounds like dearest Annabelle is growing and learning and changing and getting cuter and cuter and more and more delightful!  Miss Elizabeth also is a lover of the belly button game!…and i can completely relate to the final paragraph of your blog.  It sure is good that they do all kinds of irresistibly cute things to make up for the occasionally frustrating ones!

  3. Annabelle\’s walking!! Very, very cute!!! It was so much fun seeing you guys on Easter. Please let us know when David\’s done with the academy. Cameron really wants to go to his gratuation. We love you guys. Cameron, Sarah and Sydney Rose 

  4. Holy cow, can your child talk!  That is wonderful!  I was proud of Lilla for just saying 5 words now, and only when she feels like it.  She much prefers to honk at you to get you to give her things.  🙂  Actually, it\’s funny that since I\’ve started disciplining her she has become more vocal.  Go figure!
    Take care and give that sweet Annabelle a hug for me!

  5. Oooh congrats…how exciting! Things we have to look forward to someday.
    I just realized your offer about the birthday banner…sorry about that, it worked out in the end, we bought one.
    She had a lot of fun, and so did we. Pics are on my site.
    have a great week being mom-mom-mom-mom to Annabelle.

  6. being a mom is sweet eh?  i love toddler days. takes lots of energy tho. i love to tell my almost 20 year old daughter…"you used to be that cute" hee hee.  she\’s a different kinda cute now.
    have missed ya! not that i\’m one to talk Ü

  7. I love you!!!!

  8. Shes officially walking! Yay! How exciting that yet another challenge has been mastered and on to the next. She is quite the blossom and has such a pretty little face. I am kind of relieved as to hear Noah is not the only one fascinated (he\’s more like obsessed) with the belly button hehe…Im sure its a stage…
    many hugs to you and the family from ours!

  9. HI!! Awww, she is such a beautiful doll! I love her SO much! So, she isn\’t saying "Auntie M" yet?I think PRETTY is my favorite word! 🙂
    Thank you for the words of encouragement! I wish we were close enough to walk together too, maybe we should walk, then talk and tell eachother ALL about what we saw and what the "babe\’s" said on the "trip". 🙂
    I MISS you! 😦
    We need to talk sometime! I love you more then you will ever know!

  10. hello, i just view your space by chance. Your baby is so lovely and cheerful. I guess you must be a loving & pretty mother.
     i am a mother of 4-year old girl in Shanghai, China. Hope we can communicate on line.   I\’ve invited you as a friend on MSN. And you can visit my space too. (i write in both English and Chinese, do you understand Chinese?)
     by the way, where do you live?
     best wishes!

  11. el bebe is WALKING? so cute.. my sis is walking too. she\’s almost 1 and a half! she can say:
    that(da) she points too!
    ii(short for isabel)
    good luck with the baby!

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