Come what May…


It was suppose to rain today. But phooey. As if we would let a few gray clouds get in the way of our flower hunting on this golden little day. I have celebrated May Day, almost religiously ever since I was a small girl. And today was no exception. The gathering, the anticipation, playing the part of the clever little fairy, secretly deposting our "pocket full of posies’, onto the door-knobs of dear ones.

So this then dear friend, is for you:


Happy May Day!



7 Comments to “Come what May…”

  1. MUAH!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, Chelle! I got a little suprize this May Day  from another little elfen creature too! Love you dear sister!

  2. What a sweet tradition.  I seem to collect a lot of traditions but we missed this one.   Blessings and thank you!

  3. What beautiful flowers! I had forgotten about that tradition until the little girl next door left us some paper flowers on  our doornob. It\’s so sweet! How wonderful it was to come home to flowers! Brightened my whole day!

  4. Chelle, what a delightful tradition. I have never heard of May Day before. The flowers are beautiful! I will have to try and remember that for next year.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  5. i was just \’splainin this may day thing to my son, 21 years old. "weird." he said. BOYS.

  6. They are beautiful Chelle! Thank you! Your front yard is so beautiful! Everything blooming and growing. I\’m so despairing of our front yard. Nothing that blooms is planted there except a crape myrtle, which is beautiful but doesn\’t bloom until July. But seeing your pictures has inspired me and I hope to change a few things this weekend. 🙂 BTW, I wanted to let you know that I did my Inspiration Friday today and made my little "announcement."
    Love you dear one!

  7. What a perfectly lovely tradition.  I had never heard of that before!  I want you for a neighbor!
    Take care,

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