{ A Happy Little Day }


My Mom knows me so well. This vintage red and while polka dot apron that she gave me "just because" last week is the perfect example of that. I told her it may perhaps be my new very most favorite thing. Ever.

But then, my sister, who loves to GIVE,
bless her heart, suprised me with these, as a early, early birthday gift.
Black Mary Jane Crocs.
I told her yesterday, that I love them so much,
I could barely bring myself take them off when I got in bed last night,

And look at this stack of books, chalk full of inspriation and eye-candy…
that I can enjoy for FREE from the library.

So I am floating around here in the sunshine, hand in hand with my little bit of a girl, picking yellow Graham Thomas roses, and black berries in my vintage apron and oh so cute crocs. Getting ready to bake pies. This day feels like something straight out of Martha Stewart Living.
Only Better than that because it is my real life. 


8 Comments to “{ A Happy Little Day }”

  1. This is too precious for words! Love the polka dot apron too!
    Looks like you are having a great week! 

  2. ahhhhh a rare and sweet entry from Chelle. a joy to read. soooooo….goooooood to see you. Ü 

  3. Ah….. I have to agree that it is WAY better then a Martha Stewart day, for it is and was a Chelle and Annabelle day! I am so thrilled that you LOVE your crocs, I think that you make them adorable. What does MR. sunshine think of them? AND how was the trip home this time? Was it any better with the help of the portable DVD player? I hope that Anniebelles shared with her dad! LOL
    I Love you and am so satisfied after having you here for a visit ALL morning on sunday! THANK YOU!!!! You have no idea how much that meant and means to me.

  4.  heehee…my little Scooter, age 3 got his first camo crocs yesterday and he went to bed wearing his.  I have never seen a little boy so excited about shoes. 

  5. it\’s do good to have you back! What a delightful day of gifts and all. I have a pair of red mary-jane crocs…they are wonderful! 

  6. wow. i wish i had your gift for contentment. but the little ones are great for bringing back the sense of wonder, aren\’t they?! super cool apron, btw… 

  7. It has been so long since I have visited,Oh Annebelle has grown into an adorable little girl,no longer a baby.
    My condolances to Davids family,the loss of a parent is difficult even,and maybe more so because of  distances due to anger and family disfunction.I am so happy for him that his Father could make the trip needed in his heart to let that anger go,it will make a big difference for him that he bridged that gap before the end came.
    I commernted on this post because I gotta say how much I love the mary jane crocs. Maybe I should try and get a pair,I wonder if they would be considered carrer casual,LOL 

  8. i keep wondering about that book on the bottom of the stack.

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