{ Talking up a Storm! }

The following are some little vingettes taken from the day to day life of a happy 20 month old. Mine, to be exact. As well as a list I have been keeping of the cute things she says and how she says them. This is my favorite age so far.

Sometimes she calls me " Mommy-Chelle"
ocean ( osh-oon )
yes, yeah & yep
"come !"
She’ll say, " No, mommy, no! "
And after we’ve dealt with her on it , in a pitiful little voice, " sorry, Mommy, sorry "
high five- " high tive"
"see _____" she’s always wanting us look at something
" dancing, dancing "
band-aid, owie, bonk-o ( for bonk)
play – "pay!"
a flower is a – " flowery "
"running, running"
" lets read this "
bottom – " bummey "
love you- luuuvv-oooo
" daddy’s truck "
balloon "boon"
beautiful is"boo-ti-full"
she knows the names of all her body parts
music is " moo-sic"

She calls herself " baby." I love that, oh I love that!

When she sees a baby smaller than herself she squeals with delight and proudly explains to me: " baby! tiny."

Because she can’t make the s sound in Nelson (beloved boy cousin of hers) , insert a sound like you are blowing your nose here between the Nel and on ( her daddy gets the biggest kick out of this) Also, she knows the names of all her grandparents, auntie’s, uncles and cousins. And that is quite the acommplishment since there are over 30!

Her favorite snack: " pretzie’s " (pretzels)
Her favorite book: ‘ I love you Through and Through ‘
Her favorite word as of today: " Hoooray! "
Her favorite article of clothing: Red Crocs, I can hardly get her to wear anything else but she’ll sleep in her crocs
Her favorite toy: her purse and dollies
Her favorite thing to do: play outside, and dance

I tell her something ONE TIME and she’ll remember it days later. For
example, pulling up a chair next to the sink and having her "help" me do the dishes, which she’s crazy about. Well one day last week I put her little apron on her and everyday since then have forgot about it’s very existance. Today when I asked her if she wanted to help me wash the dishes, she ran over to where the aprons are hanging and pulled on hers until I realized she wasn’t going to "help" me wash dishes without it.

She has taken it upon herself to make sure the cat behaves. Poor George. He’s the official bottom of the family pecking order. And he’s always being told "down tat!" ( she can’t say her C’s ), " no tat! "or "out tat!"

While we were on holiday at the "osh-oon" she also learned how to say the two big C. Which of course come out sounding like "tandy" and "tookie."

The other night in the car, as we were coming home from a weekend with our best friends in Colville WA, and listening to my new favorite CD, we hear this sweet little voice floating from her carseat in the back, and with her own little angle voice she started to try and sing, for the first time. " Halleluiah…halleluiah, halleluiah…"( or her baby version of it) and as soon as the song would end she we’d here this quiet little" again?" One if the top ten most frequently used words in her growing vocabulary. So we listened, Again and Again. And she sang along. For almost and hour.

While my parents were here we showed them the DVD of the slide show from David’s Dad’s memorial service. Of course David and I can’t watch it without getting teared up. When Annabelle noticed her Daddy’s tears, she reached up for him and with the most concerned little look said, " Sorry Daddy, Sorry."

Wednesday night at dinner she suprised us by saying: " broccoli." What suprised us even more than that is that she just loves eating it.

On the way home from our date at Coldstone where I enjoyed on of these decedant treats absolutely Free for my birthday , David was goofing off in the car, just being a total ham. She looks at him with this major twinkle in her eye and says: " Daddy…funny!"

She goes around the house, on the tippiest of toes chanting this line,
over and over: " happy, happy, happy, happy! "

Yesterday she learned the motions to the song, " If your happy and you know it…" and by far her favorite part is shouting "hoooooray!"

She does not allow the wearing of jackets without the "hat" (hood).

When she sits down to "read" a book you hear: " ABC…ABC’s…"

And so she continues to steal our hearts. All bit more every single day.

Oh the delight and wonder of discovery! I wouldn’t trade these days for anything.


13 Comments to “{ Talking up a Storm! }”

  1. Such a delightful little girl she is! Love the pictures and thank you for sharing all the lovely, sweet, adorable things little Annanbelle has to say. Give her a hug for us!

  2. She sounds like just a joy, Chelle!  I love the picture of her on the bed looking at her book – very sweet 🙂

  3. I love "tookie" & "tat" (that what our\’s are called when Mama\’s  being stupid over their cuteness :P)
    How dear to hear a sweet baby voice sing "Hallelujah"

  4. Oh Chelle I very much enjoyed reading this little post of "storm talking" I guess because it reminds me so much of my little Noah and thinking of all the things he accomplished as a 20 month old little boy it almost seemed as if I was reading a post about him. They remind me so much of eachother. I read her little words and think oh how cute I know exactly what she is talking about!!! Noah says I sorry mommy I sorry all the time its cute and Im pretty sure he doesn\’t know exactly what sorry means, but isn\’t it the most wonderful sound in the world? What I would give to hear your little Annabelle say all those cute adorable things…
    Your family is just lovely Chelle and reading about it is a joy
    many hugs

  5. i will come back and read this word for word but i am in the land of crazy freeways and beaches. *hugs*

  6. adorable! treasure this! and i say this as someone who only gets the chance to see her child four day a month… it literally breaks my heart every time we pick him up and i see how much he\’s grown, and he shows off things we haven\’t gotten the chance to teach him. no one should be seperated from their child at this precious time! no matter what the court thinks, a daddy is just as vital to a child as a mommy. i\’m so glad you appreciate this time with your delightful girl! it makes me feel like something is right with the world! i heart you!!

  7. Hello,
     I found your blog looking for country living on spaces. I\’m so glad to have read your blog.
    You brought back sweet memories for me. You have a dear family there. God Bless…
    "Toodie from Missouri where the men are handsome the women perty and young\’ins well behaved."

  8. It sounds like Annebelle is growing into the most precious little person.

  9. I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time of being a mommy.  Me too!
    It\’s funny because Lilla does the same thing with the jacket and hood.  She also gets very frustrated with sweaters and sweatshirts that don\’t have hoods.  It\’s funny.
    Annabelle is just a little learner too!  What a great thing to be!

    I was just out on a blog walk and had to comment when I see Jesus glorified.
    The world has a negative spin but I still tell people there is still more good than bad.
    Our God is an awesome God and nothing catches Him by surprise.
    You all be well, be safe, and peace be with your family always, Greg

  11. Your daughter is beautiful!

  12. Oh these days are awesome you are fortunate and blessed to be there with your precious Annabelle. She is so cute!

  13. I was just browsing Spaces, and found yours   🙂
    What a beautiful site…. I just loved this blog about your little girl, with all the cute pics…. she is adorable!!!
    It brought back such delightful memories of myown kids… about 25 years ago….
    Thank you, Chelle, for bringing those memories back into my mind.
    May God bless you and your family….
    with friendly greetings

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