{ Melt My Heart }



In three sentences.
1. " Good job, Mommy! Good job, Daddy! " Most enthusiastically repeated after we tell her so.
2. When I sneeze or cough or clear my throat, without fail: "Bless you Mommy, bless you!"
3. " Pick-a-boo, Mommy!" (meaning of course, peek-a-boo)



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8 Comments to “{ Melt My Heart }”

  1. Beautiful pictures, Chelle! 🙂 

  2. I love the pick a boo pictures she is so adorable Little Miss Annabelle.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. HAHA  NICE Girl:) Sunny

  4. hee! i love this picture series!

  5. Sigh! My sweet Annabelle Lucy! I miss her so! I am so excited to see you all this Saturday. I think we are going to try to give Nelson his birthday party with everyone that day also.
    Anyhow, got to run, fussy baby! I love you!!!!

  6. ahhhh….my friends. i\’m so off kilter in the blogosphere, but my heart is still there…i\’ll be drifting in.
    had to come see you two girls here. how are you all?

  7. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

  8. hey just saying hello. Hope you three had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday!

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