Making the most of these December Days…

We had a weekend not unlike a winter fairytale.
Friday night David and I kicked it off in styel with a date that included lots of smooching and hand holding , as we enjoyed the undivided attention we were able to give each other. We even squeezed in a little Christmas shopping and then on our way home, stopped to pick out a Christmas Tree to surprise the sweet girly-kins with. The entire evening left me refreshed, and romanced. And I must have had stars in my eyes that evening because I could feel them. The minute I opened the door, Annabelle Lucy slipped down from Aunt Lynne’s lap, face beaming and seriously raced, squealing across the room, and into my arms. Let me tell you, my heart skipped a beat. Who wouldn’t love to come home to that? To her. And David gets to do it 5 days a week. No wonder it’s his favorite time of the day. 🙂

Saturday morning we woke up to find snow falling outside our window, it felt like a gift, sent especially to us in honor of it very first day of December. So David and Annabelle played in the fluffy falling flakes and stacked fire wood , while I watched out the window and grinned at them, busy at the kitchen table, with my " Project Christmas Money, " going great guns. The snow stopped eventually but the fun didn’t as we brought in the Christmas tree, poured big mugs of egg nog and strung and hung to our, well maybe more like my, hearts content. Annabelle was full of delight over the whole process. "Yites" and "balls" and "snowmens" and most importantly of course,"tandy-tanes." My tree is missing three of it’s Candy Canes this year so far, thanks to Anniebelles and her sweet tooth of a Daddy. Oh well, I suppose maybe I can overlook it, just this once.

I am predicting that the best thing about Christmas this year going to be continuing to watch our little girl discover and delight in life.


3 Comments to “Making the most of these December Days…”

  1. So nice to read what you have been up to!  I have missed seeing any posts, but, I understand that life is busy with a little one.  But, I check back often and I smile when I get to read an update.  We are tucked into our house, snow all around, fire going and I have cupcakes in the oven.  A Merry Christmas Chelle to you and yours!Sarah  🙂

  2. this is just a run by. i hope to be a bit present ths week on spaces.  l o v e d  the dec photos. Ü

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