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November 2, 2007

{ Melt My Heart }



In three sentences.
1. " Good job, Mommy! Good job, Daddy! " Most enthusiastically repeated after we tell her so.
2. When I sneeze or cough or clear my throat, without fail: "Bless you Mommy, bless you!"
3. " Pick-a-boo, Mommy!" (meaning of course, peek-a-boo)



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October 18, 2007

{ Talking up a Storm! }

The following are some little vingettes taken from the day to day life of a happy 20 month old. Mine, to be exact. As well as a list I have been keeping of the cute things she says and how she says them. This is my favorite age so far.

Sometimes she calls me " Mommy-Chelle"
ocean ( osh-oon )
yes, yeah & yep
"come !"
She’ll say, " No, mommy, no! "
And after we’ve dealt with her on it , in a pitiful little voice, " sorry, Mommy, sorry "
high five- " high tive"
"see _____" she’s always wanting us look at something
" dancing, dancing "
band-aid, owie, bonk-o ( for bonk)
play – "pay!"
a flower is a – " flowery "
"running, running"
" lets read this "
bottom – " bummey "
love you- luuuvv-oooo
" daddy’s truck "
balloon "boon"
beautiful is"boo-ti-full"
she knows the names of all her body parts
music is " moo-sic"

She calls herself " baby." I love that, oh I love that!

When she sees a baby smaller than herself she squeals with delight and proudly explains to me: " baby! tiny."

Because she can’t make the s sound in Nelson (beloved boy cousin of hers) , insert a sound like you are blowing your nose here between the Nel and on ( her daddy gets the biggest kick out of this) Also, she knows the names of all her grandparents, auntie’s, uncles and cousins. And that is quite the acommplishment since there are over 30!

Her favorite snack: " pretzie’s " (pretzels)
Her favorite book: ‘ I love you Through and Through ‘
Her favorite word as of today: " Hoooray! "
Her favorite article of clothing: Red Crocs, I can hardly get her to wear anything else but she’ll sleep in her crocs
Her favorite toy: her purse and dollies
Her favorite thing to do: play outside, and dance

I tell her something ONE TIME and she’ll remember it days later. For
example, pulling up a chair next to the sink and having her "help" me do the dishes, which she’s crazy about. Well one day last week I put her little apron on her and everyday since then have forgot about it’s very existance. Today when I asked her if she wanted to help me wash the dishes, she ran over to where the aprons are hanging and pulled on hers until I realized she wasn’t going to "help" me wash dishes without it.

She has taken it upon herself to make sure the cat behaves. Poor George. He’s the official bottom of the family pecking order. And he’s always being told "down tat!" ( she can’t say her C’s ), " no tat! "or "out tat!"

While we were on holiday at the "osh-oon" she also learned how to say the two big C. Which of course come out sounding like "tandy" and "tookie."

The other night in the car, as we were coming home from a weekend with our best friends in Colville WA, and listening to my new favorite CD, we hear this sweet little voice floating from her carseat in the back, and with her own little angle voice she started to try and sing, for the first time. " Halleluiah…halleluiah, halleluiah…"( or her baby version of it) and as soon as the song would end she we’d here this quiet little" again?" One if the top ten most frequently used words in her growing vocabulary. So we listened, Again and Again. And she sang along. For almost and hour.

While my parents were here we showed them the DVD of the slide show from David’s Dad’s memorial service. Of course David and I can’t watch it without getting teared up. When Annabelle noticed her Daddy’s tears, she reached up for him and with the most concerned little look said, " Sorry Daddy, Sorry."

Wednesday night at dinner she suprised us by saying: " broccoli." What suprised us even more than that is that she just loves eating it.

On the way home from our date at Coldstone where I enjoyed on of these decedant treats absolutely Free for my birthday , David was goofing off in the car, just being a total ham. She looks at him with this major twinkle in her eye and says: " Daddy…funny!"

She goes around the house, on the tippiest of toes chanting this line,
over and over: " happy, happy, happy, happy! "

Yesterday she learned the motions to the song, " If your happy and you know it…" and by far her favorite part is shouting "hoooooray!"

She does not allow the wearing of jackets without the "hat" (hood).

When she sits down to "read" a book you hear: " ABC…ABC’s…"

And so she continues to steal our hearts. All bit more every single day.

Oh the delight and wonder of discovery! I wouldn’t trade these days for anything.

April 19, 2007

14 Months Today

…and she’s officially walking.
Got an email from my Dad this afternoon, that read :
"There she goes!!!  Life will never be the same, but that’s ok." 
love pops


Her Favorite Things Right Now:

Playing peek-a-boo. Which consists of her yelling out "boooh" when she hides her face only to very quickly peek back at us with a huge grin, often accompanied by squeals. She is so very proud of herself for being so tricky!

And we of course laugh and laugh because we can’t help it.

The other big thing that she’s into right now is playing the bellybutton game. You really should try it sometime. The object is to lift your shirt ( or even your "team-mates" shirt if you’d rather) or look down your( or your "team-mates") shirt.

Once you’ve finally spotted the sought after b.b. (we have shortened it to "bee-boo") you burst out into a giggle of glee
 and then proceed to tickle yourself or your "team-mate" with gusto.
You repeat this pattern over and over until you get distracted by something like, the cat for instance.

Words She is saying:

Hi there!
happy! (this is my favorite word that she says)

boo ( boooh)
thank you ( we tell her, " say please’ so she says " tane-choo")
side (outside)
pretty (this is my other favorite word that she says…
usually either in response to someone’s earrings or a flower we’ve stopped to smell)
one ( if you ask her " how old is baby")
that (dat) she say to everthing as she points with her chubby little baby finger
snack (sna)
and drink (dink)

And she nods her head all the time. When we anyone says anything, She looks you in the eye nods. I mean, she is just always agreeable. Perhaps it’s has something to do with the fact that she has yet to learn to shake her head or say the word no,which of course we are in no hurry for her to add to her growing vocabulary list.


So aside from the occasional poop in the bath-tub, refusal to nap or eat her peas, emptying of the contents of every bottom drawer in our house, and the kind of fit that is accompanied by throwing oneself down on the floor, much wailing and kicking of the feet…being her mommy is pure bliss.

February 19, 2007

How old is baby?



Annabelle Lucy you are a pure joy to know!

Happy Birthday to the nicest, dearest little

girl that ever there was!  


Daddy and Mommy


December 14, 2006

from the bottom of my heart…

I wish I could tell you that I just got in from are pulling a rosy-cheeked, tightly bundled Annabelle
across the yard in a little red sled, the snow falling softly like lace down around us. 
Instead I’ll tell you the truth, that I am watching out the window as sheets of wind-blown rain, 
pelt the side of the house.
Not exactly the sort of weather you wish for at Christmastime…
I wish I could tell you our Christmas Tree glows from floor to ceiling, covered in sparkles and twinkles. 
Thankfully our little Annabelle has enough Holiday sparkle and twinkle of her own, to make up for the lack of tree, trimmings and usual Christmas decor at our house.  
We decided this year for all intensive safety purposes that maybe it would be better not to have real live
pine needles, bark and twigs and such kicking around the house. 
Especially since Annabelle at any given meal, would just as soon nibble on bark as cheerios.
  I didn’t think I could cut out the Christmas tradition tree  cold-turkey, so David graciously agreed to a mini tree, well actually three. One for each of us.
They are about 8" tall. They are real. And really very cute. 
So that, on top of the anticipation of the big and beautiful Christmas trees to be enjoyed at at both Poppy and Nana’s and Papa and Mor-mors and everywhere else we go over Christmas,
 more than makes up for not having a big tree of our own this year.
It feels like Annabelle is growing faster than ever.  Her arms and legs are getting so long and she’s fast.
She gets around the house like a flash of lightning. 
She loves to clap, dance and sing Christmas Carols. Her favorite is Feliz Navidad. Seriously.
She absolutely goes nuts when that song comes on the radio or if we sing it to her.  
This morning she said the word button! Twice. If babies had hobbies, hers woud be buttons.
That, un-folding the laundry, emptying out drawers and quacking like a duck.
The other day she said grandpa to my dad over the phone…
he was so proud you could almost hear the "buttons" popping off his shirt.
But I have to say my current favorite word that she says happens to be saying is: Ma-Ma.
The other thing that we are trying to teach her and is how to blow kisses.
Her constant beaming face and contagious laughter
fill our house and hearts with more magic than a dozen Christmases.
That being said, may your Christmas be filled with more JOY than you know what to do with.  
November 7, 2006

you mean happiness to me…


" She’s doing her part to make this world a cuter place to live in! "

Annabelle and I have been staying with my parents in ID. while David is away for job training. Being back in the house I grew up in, laying in bed at night, in the bedroom where I spent countless hours between sleep, dreaming about when I am a "grown up," wondering what the future holds in store for me, imaging the day when maybe I would have my very own daughter who would love to dream away the hours in this little attic room of blue ribbon and pink roses as much as I did. Letting the realization sink in that I am in fact right now, living out those very dreams. But it’s as if the dreams of yesterday, become the reality of today…overnight.

The lull of soft rhythmic breaths floats across the room from the crib I used to sleep in as a baby. Peeking down on her chubby dimpled angel-face, I am overwhelmed by the enormous amount of love, of happiness and delight this wee girl-baby brings me, her Daddy, her Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, to anyone who is blessed to know her.

She is a perfect and beautiful picture of God’s grace. A shining light in a dark, depressing world, as the meaning of her name suggests.

Annabelle Lucy, you are our JOY in life. I’d rather be your mommy, than anything else in the world.



August 18, 2006

A Bouquet of Baby Thoughts…


She came to us quite by surprise

On a shinging,glorious Sunday morning

In the Middle of February.

We loved her entirely, instantly

We had loved her all along

But until that day, we were not certain who exactly it was we were loving…

Should we paint your little room pink or blue?

We agreed on a yellow that made us think of soft morning sumbeams



And we called you, this wee baby of ours:


The name came on a whim, out of Mommy’s

Love for A Child’s Garden of Verses

And a poem she had read there…


In their imagination, mommy and daddy could

See baby twirling and skipping on tippy toes,

off the rounded edges of Mommy’s largely, growing tummy…

Just like the tiniest fairy ballerina as Mommy thought

(Daddy thought more along the lines of a isty-bitsy middle linebacker…)


And then, before we had time to collect ourselves,

You were here..

just like that…

And you were the most beautiful tiny creature

Either of us had ever laid eyes on…

With your laughing sparkle-eyes of deep blue,

Your Daddies long and red eyelashes that curl at the tips,

The pinkest of chipmunk cheeks,

 Rosie-red lips…that we can’t keep from kissing

A nose like a button,  

An adorable bit of a chin

Two elfin ears…

The plumpest little belly

Chubby dimpled fingers

 Two legs covered with the dearest tootsie rolls… 

And last but not at all least those rather famous

Twinkle Toes


“ Every inch of her is perfection. “

Her Mommy told her daddy.

And her Daddy agreed.


And yes, her toes really do twinkle.

August 10, 2006

everyday happiness…


Perhaps I am fascinated by and enamored with them because of the simple fact that you are only, ever allowed one first. There is your first word…first step…first birthday…your first day of school… losing your first tooth, your first time on a bicycle without training wheels…your first pet,… first sleepover…winter’s first snowfall…your first car…first time to see the ocean… your first job… first boyfriend…your first kiss…your ,the first daffodil of spring, first home,…first baby…firsts..continually coming to life.

How about you? Do you have any memorable or recent firsts, I’d love to hear them!

Yesterday, Annabelle discovered, for the very first time, the taste of real food…and I as a first time mom, introduced her to real food…for the first time. Neither one of us were disappointed.
I waited till I heard David pull into our drive-way ( which also happens to be my favorite time of the day), to crack the jar open. I was expecting with the first spoonful, at the least, a cute little pucker-face. At the worst, baby food spit back out at Mommy. Her reacted to the little jar of Pears and Raspberries with only the jolliest sort of baby-delight. In turn David and I grinned and chuckled and exclaimed “ oh how cute! ” with only the jolliest sort of parent-delight.

Maybe it is just my imagination, but sometimes I wonder…if David wore shirts with buttons, how I would keep the buttons from popping right off ? The other night we were out enjoying a frequent and reoccurring pastime of ours, otherwise refered to as the “diaper run“. I was trying to figure out what size of diapers to buy the babykins. I swear, you‘d think we were feeding her miracle grow or something! The last time we weighed her was maybe three weeks ago. She was just over 15 lbs. So I sent her off with her Daddy to find the aisle with the bathroom scales. He came back chanting 17, as if it were the number of home-runs scored during latest Mariner win! ( which to get completely off the subject, was something like three years ago ). That’s how proud and pleased and amazed he was. Me too.

So our precious little blue eyed baby girl weighs 17 lbs and will be 6 moths old next Saturday. I am so excited to celebrate her first half birthday. We’re going to give her…her first rubber duckie.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before but…I love being a mommy.

And even more that that, I  love  being  Annabelle’s  Mommy !

July 21, 2006

Ups and Downs and In-betweens…

I am going to take advantage of this small window of opportunity called Nap Time and if nothing else, start a post. My little Anniebelle has had a terrible case of Cranky-teetingitise this week, and it has soundly, worn us out. Last night it felt like she was awake more more than she was asleep, crying her poor little baby eyes out. I think it may have been the worst night we have had, since she was born.  If I hadn’t been so groggy, I would have cried right along with her. Eventually after what felt like hours of rocking and bouncing and pacing and patting and humming and praying, I crawled back into bed only to find my poor husband sleeping with the pillow not under but over his head. She can get pretty loud and our house is very small. After several more rounds of screaming, Annabelle and  I ended up in the guest bed in the nursery and finally woke up to the phone ringing this morning, the blinked at the clock…5:24 am…it was David, he had overslept and was in such a panic to get out the door to work that he didn’t have time to kiss us goodbye. He said it was less than two minutes between the time he woke up and left for work.

First time mom speaking here, until last night,  I had no idea what a family affair teething can be. As soon as she wakes up for her nap, which hopefully won’t be for a long time we are on our way to the grocery store for two things.

  1.  a double shot iced coconut latte for me
  2.  and a bottle of infant tylenol for her



Besides teething we have been busy with several projects around here.  On Tuesday David bought me 14 English rose bushes. (pause here for a nice long sigh)  What can I say, they were on sale! And I am going to make a rose garden.  We knew we would have a our work cut out for us in planting them but so far we only have 4 left to put in the ground. More pictures to follow.

I put the finishing coat of paint on a bookshelf that David made for me (and yes, he is in fact the single most remarkable, skilled  and wonderful man ever! ) It looks like something straight out of the pottery barn catalog. I love it.


Annnabelle turned 5-Months Old on Tuesday.We celebrated with ice cream cones, heaping with lemon sherbert.

With each new day we fall more deeply in love with her. As David says " she’s our little person." She is the joy of our days and we both agreed last night as we were peeking in at her playing quietly in her crib " the cutest thing we have ever seen."  (emphasis on cutest AND ever) It’s a line that gets quoted in all different variations, on a daily basis around this little house. 

She completes our happiness.




May 15, 2006

Looking for a giggle…

  Yesterday morning I woke up to find David getting dressed for the day…the clock blinked 7:30 am…I thought to myself drowsily, “ tee shirt, sweats, tennis shoes…he must be going out to mow the lawn this morning before we have to leave for church, he’s been talking about doing it all week-end.”

I laid there for a while, in the warmth of the morning sunbeams that were spilling through our bedroom window, then went to get Annabelle out of her crib so we could have our daily snuggle-under-the-covers…she smiled and cooed and smiled some more at me and I felt as if the only thing that could possibly make my Mother’s day any more wonderful would be a giggle. Just one tiny baby giggle.

…I didn’t hear the lawn mower but I was still too sleepy to be suspicious…

David came back a while later with lilacs, a huge bright bunch of them…So we had lilacs-in-bed, which I think is so much more romantic and original than breakfast-in-bed…




Still no giggle, but I am expecting one any day now… and I’ve been told it will come at the time I least expect it.