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May 1, 2007

Come what May…


It was suppose to rain today. But phooey. As if we would let a few gray clouds get in the way of our flower hunting on this golden little day. I have celebrated May Day, almost religiously ever since I was a small girl. And today was no exception. The gathering, the anticipation, playing the part of the clever little fairy, secretly deposting our "pocket full of posies’, onto the door-knobs of dear ones.

So this then dear friend, is for you:


Happy May Day!


April 6, 2007

On this, Good Friday…



Blue skies with white clouds on summer days.

A myriad of stars on clear moonlit nights.

Tulips and roses and violets and dandelions and daisies.

Bluebirds and laughter and sunshine and Easter.


ee how He loves us!"

Alice Chapin

March 30, 2007

A List…

It’s been awhile since I sat down to write. I have forgotten to jot down so many little things that I will want to rememebr someday…but I don’t have a lot of time to organize my thoughts, so please bare with a random list. I am hoping it will jog my memory as I go:
  • Spring is in full swing as you can see from the newest photo album…and we have been enjoying every possible drop of sunshine.
  •  Annabelle is crazy about going outside. "Out-out" she calls it. Often when someone opens the door, and she cannot go out,  she’ll cry as if her heart as been broken.  I have to watch her very carefully when we are out of doors because she is very fond of sucking on rocks and eating dirt. I’m serious. It’s awful. You’d think after she’d tasted them once, she’d realize they aren’t at all delicious, but she hasn’t yet. Oh and she is also very tempted by George’s bowl of cat food. And I am afraid that if she tries it, especially after the rocks and dirt,  she may actually like it.  So you see,  I really can’t take my eyes off of her for a second, because we really can’t have our one year old going around eating cat-food.
  • We were able to see Pete, Minta and the kids while they were here a couple weekends ago. . It was a short but sweet time with them.  The baby is amazing and darling and just growing like a little weed. David and I were able to take Neslon and Faith and Anniebelle on a hilarious outing to the park. On our way there, four blocks from Grannie Annie’s Faith picked bouquets of bright yellow-stemmed things, thought of by most anyone but little girls as weeds. And Nelson kept calling them "c"andylions which I thought was irresistably cute, and still remember it several weeks later. That afternoon at the park stands out in my short-term memory as a particularly bright spot, as we love our times wih them!
    On these warm days when the sky is a shade for-get-me not blue. We have brought the outdoors in and the indoors out by and turning our porch into a extra room. I have blocked off the stairs with a baby-gate and set up a studio of sorts for myself, complete with vintage tablecloth over a small patio table, a chair, and plenty of toys for babykins. . and it makes the most wonderful playroom ever, as we happily come and go at our leisure
  • Annabelle has been taking steps for several weeks now…somedays she is very brave and will take off across the room on her own, other’s we have to coax and bribe her…still I know it’s only a short time until she prefers running circles around me, to crawling around like a little lightning bug.
  • David has joined the Volunteer Fire Department in the small town where we live in. The initial training lasts 10 weeks and is very intensive. He is going several nights a weeks and all day Saturday, on top of a full time job and studying 2-4 hours daily. So as you can imagine, we are literally marking off the weeks until he is official. And he looks so good in full-garb. It suits him. Like he was born to be a firefighter or something. Maybe he was…we have to wait and see about that.
  • While we miss him so much when he is gone, I have tried to fill up my evenings with projects and have been working away on a little cyber shop of my own, in a "place" called Etsy that you can find here. It has been so much fun to have a creative outlet, along with the appeal and possibility of earning a little extra money.
  • I must have spring fever or something because today I mowed the lawn, weeded the front-yard flower border and  finished up pruning all my roses. A. Kathy gave me a pruning lesson and I tried to follow her instructions, but I am a little nervous, being a first-time pruner and all, I just hope I haven’t killed them all. Also today, I made the delightful discovery today that the sweet peas I planted in the middle of Feb. have all come up quite nicely. It is truly lovely to have flowers blooming in the yard once again… 
  • So the busy happy days fill up and fly by and any chance to be together as a family, even just snuggling on the living room floor for 10 min. is very much of a treat. Makes me really appriciate the things I have taken for granted  as being "normal everyday life" like sitting down for a evening meal, without anyone having to rush off, taking a evening stroll around the neighborhood, sleeping in on Sat mornings, and then getting to spend the whole entire day together. But after tommorow I will have checked off another week, with only 7 left to go! I am just so glad that I  have a precious little bestest friend  and side-kick here at all times. She is such good, cute company for her mommy.
  • As someone once said "Real life is the the best fairytale of all.
February 27, 2007

More spring sightings…

 The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.
Fisherman’s Luck , Henry Van Dyke (1899)


  • Yesterday Annabelle learned the meaning of soft…while we were playing with a branch off our pussy willow tree.
  • We counted 31 robins in our backyard yesterday. And Annabelle is "tweet-tweeting" all over the house.


  • I found a small bunch of crocuses, faces peeking up timidly from the ground.


  • The miniature daffodils I planted in pots last Nov. and then relegated to the darkest, coldest corner of the garage are just now unfurling their sunny yellow splendor. 


  • It may be premature, with snow in the forecast for tonight but we will not let that keep us from at least pretending that we are already quite under the enchanting the spell of spring.

February 22, 2007

Signs of Spring

I must be in the mood for spring because today I:
1. Wore capris
2. Had a iced coconut latte
3. Let Annabelle crawl all over the front lawn
4. And planted sweet pea seeds
Now all we have to do is wait, and hope for the best.


February 9, 2007

For you:

A promise of Spring.


September 8, 2006

It’s not a lack of things to say…it’s the lack of time to find to say them…



" I’d rather have roses on my table

than diamonds on my neck."

 Emma Goldman

August 13, 2006

something in the air?


I saw a tree this morning, covered with bright orange leaves. They must have turned color over-night. Did I forget to flip my calendar, or is it still only the middle of August? It brings to mind this quote that I love:

“ This was one of those perfect days in late summer where the spirit of autumn takes a first stealing flight, like a spy, through the ripening country-side, and, with feigned sympathy for those who droop with August heat, puts her cool cloak of bracing air about leaf and flower and human shoulders. “

~Sarah Orne Jewett

Our mornings have been chilly. The air, smelling deliciously like fall. The other day I wore my big cozy sweater until noon, and if that is not proof enough, we have not been able to sleep through the entire night with our windows open. Maybe that is because our bed is dressed for summer with cotton sheets and light coverlet. As much as I look forward to the changing of the seasons.I hesitate to let go of summer…

There is more splashing to be done in the back yard pool where

Annabelle has recently discovered her shadow. They have such a lot of fun together.

And Annabelle’s Mommy is still quite unwilling to part with days warm enough to let her little sun-kissed baby get away with only a diaper. She likes to be able to nuzzle and cuddle that soft, chubby, little body, on demand, and to her hearts content.

 There is more fresh salsa, corn on the cob and freshly squeezed lemonade, to serve out on our little back porch table.

More walks to take with the backdrop of a blazing purple/pink sunset.

More time to spend digging in the garden, admiring the roses, the zinnias and the dahlias, tugging at a weed or two.

More lazy Sunday afternoons to spend doing absolutely nothing.

Later on tonight, after we put Annabelle to bed, we will steal away to a favorite spot of ours …to enjoy a little bit of summer romance, and watch the mid-August moon come up

July 13, 2006

it was the simplest of days, and the sweetest of days…

Hum dum dum ditty dum
Hum dum dum

Oh the wind is lashing lustily
And the trees are thrashing thrustily
And the leaves are rustling gustily
So it’s rather safe to say
That it seems that it may turn out to be
It feels that it will undoubtedly
It looks like a rather blustery day, today
It sounds that it may turn out to be
Feels that it will undoubtedly
Looks like a rather blustery day today

In the words of Pooh Bear, " it is a rather blustery Thursday today."
And we are all cozied up in the window seat, our favorite place to be on just these sort of days, sipping a cup of Good Earth tea, the tea of preference in this household.
It’s spicy, bold and naturally sweet with just the right amount of zip!
Annabelle is curled up next to George, the family cat, both of them are fast asleep.
We are having a napping, playing and reading books/magazines sort of a day,
in no particular order.
Yesterday at the library I discovered a pile of wonderful magazines:

 Country Living, Mary Englebreits Home Companion, and Real Simple on the " for sale" shelf. I was ready to pay generously for them when the nice librarian lady said,
" Oh they are free, just take them!"
 " They are? That’s wonderful. Oh my, THANK YOU!
 And I walked out of there with such a big smile on my face that the lady coming in looked at me funny. Serious.
To top off my today, we had our usual morning stroll through the garden only to discover that it is just brimming with the hydrangeas, in the most splendid and glorious shades you can imagine, from amethyst to sapphire. They started blooming right under our very noses and I just realized today that they in fact at this moment, are in full-swing… I am picking them and bringing them inside to fill all my vases,
 so there will be flowers in every room of the house.
 My Mom often teases me by suggesting that I leave a couple stems unpicked,
 so I have something pretty to look out the windows at.
I try, but it’s so hard. I must have been a florist in a previous life.
Someone is peeking her darling little head quietly up at me…’ Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ is playing on the radio and I think it’s time for another episode of playtime. 
July 7, 2006

No, It can’t be! Friday?

I am just getting my week started and here it is, already Friday. It came as a quite a shock yesterday when I was talking to my sister-in-law on the phone about taking a day trip up to see her. They live two and half hours from us. They are moving on Saturday (which is also tommorow), back to ID.
I mentioned that we girls were going to come up someday this week and help her pack.
When she dropped the bomb on me," uhhh…Chelle, tommorow is Friday and we are leaving early Sat. morning."
I was stunned…"okay…(processing)…yeah." This is the most Tuesday feeling Friday I have ever had, not that that makes any sense.
I am currently pretending that a normal work week only lasted three days…now,I really wouldn’t mind getting used to that.
So it’s off to finish folding the pile of laundry, that looks more like a small ocean, left over from our trip to ID.
We are out on a quilt in the back yard. Annabelle and I are firm believers in folding our clothes strictly in the sunshine of these very Tuesdayish Friday mornings. Well okay, I am the only one folding them. Anniebelles is too busy playing with her new orange hippo toy that dings ( you see, it has a tiny bell for it’s heart) to be of much help with the laundry.
What kind of a Friday are you having?