June 21, 2007

Little Unforgettables

Warning: I have a feeling this about to be one heck of a long post, and even though i am not going out of my way to try and make up for lost time, I do apologize in advance.

First of all : What I haven’t blogged about in recent days:
-David graduating from Volunteer Fire Academy
-Our 4th Anniversary
-David’s Birthday
-My Grandpa Bill leaving us for heaven
-Several trips to ID to be with family
and those were just a few of the *big* events
  So skipping over all that simply because it’s too overwhelming to try and go back and recount it all. We have had a beautiful and at times difficult last month and a half. Annabelle is now 16 Months and it just hit me the other day that she has become more toddler than baby. I suppose if I wasn’t loving this age so much, I would probably be a little bittersweet to see her sweet baby-ness come to an end, but so far I am not, because the older she gets the more fun we have. I’d like to make it my goal, including the terrible twos, teenage years and all, to keep it that way. Just trying to focus on living each and every day to the fullest. And enjoying and making the most of each stage of life since you only get to be whatever age you are, once right?
  She changes so quickly and is picking up on so much. I’ve just got to jot some of my favorite little things about her right now down that I know I’ll forget if I don’t.
  She’s been walking around almost exculsively in bare feet, and on tippy-toes. Which brings me added delight because of the little nick-name we gave her before she was born, Twinkletoes. And it’s a good thing that it fits her so perfectly now too, since I still call her that.
  She has turned into a little bookworm. "Booh", she calls them And she’ll either sit and read happily to herself, preferring her book to be upside down of course. Or will sit in our laps and listen to story after story, as long as it doesn’t take to long to get from one page to the next. And I am so pleased because up until recently she hasn’t had the time or patience for books. Now she can’t seem get enough of them.
  Mama seems to be her new favorite word… Over and over she says it. And she says it like she is asking a question. "Mama?" And yes, it melts my heart every single time.
  She has taken to what I started to refer to as "MUUAH-ing" things. I’ll hear her sweet voice coming from her car seat or stroller, as she leans forward and puckers up her rosy little lips,
" mama, muah!" Or on coming across the picture of the baby in a book. She’ll lean over to kiss it and out comes this great big "muuah!" Then there’s the stuffed animal she carries around, stopping frequently to "muuah" it. She even wanted to "muuah" a little earthworm that we came across, while digging around in the flowers the other day.
  You may not have heard this before but noses, like the buttons on your telephone, are for beeping. She says " meep " and considers it a fine social grace to go around the room, until everyone’s nose has been properly "meeped."
  Her mommy likes pull her around the yard in her little red radio flyer wagon, watering a little here weeding a little there, or picking flowers and her Daddy likes to give her rides in the wheel-barrow or up high on his shoulders…she loves it, holds on tight and shouts, "wheee!"
  Using her chubby little finger point out even the tiniest little bug ( to which she makes this funny little " gggaah" sound in the back of her throat ), or the smallest speck of an airplane in the sky. Unlike her Mommy, this girl, does not miss a thing, ever. We can be in the middle of something and she’ll notice if a dog barks, 4 houses down.
  It thrills her like nothing else to be chased. I know the game is on when she looks at me over her shoulder at with a rather wild little gleam in her eye and then takes off like the dickens. So I chase her around the yard. I chase her around the house. Always rewarded by a highly contagious string of squeals and giggles.
  It cracks me up how all of a sudden when we are out she’ll pipe up with a "bye-bye" and then waves, deciding it’s time to head for home.
Here is a sampling her latest very funny and growing vocabulary. I’m not sure why and it’s awfully cute, but she says a lot of things twice.
peas-peas for please
broom-broom (car)
moo-moo (cow)
neigh-neigh (horse)
kitty (beow)
thank you (tane-choo)
okay (o-tay)
oww ( for owwie)
and bleh which must come from when I say " no, no that’s icky "BLEH!"


She has been into eating all sorts of summer fruit and so far has had and likes fresh, which I am so happy for cause we all know how picky they can be:
and Raspberries
{ which she tasted for the first time and was literally scarffing down as many as she could fit in her mouth, as fast as she possibly could just last night at dinner }
And I can hardly wait for our blackberries to ripen up… I can just see her out there on tippy-toes, stuffing in berries, then grinning all pleased and purpley-mouthed.

  So Annabelle Mommy just wants you to know you make everyday of our life brighter, extra sweet, super funny, precious and such a joy!

I don’t know how it is possible to love you any more than I do at this exact moment but somehow every day as you grow a little bit bigger you also becomes a little bit dearer to your daddy and I.
June 6, 2007

Ah, so this is where you’ve been hiding?
















May 21, 2007

Happy to Introduce…


A pretty new blog for your pleasure.
Notes From A Cottage Garden comes to you from the camera and keyboard of
my very own Mother-Dear who has just recently joined the ranks of Blog-land to share the delights of her oh so lovely garden…Everytime I go for a visit I get a color rush…and I promise you will be enchanted and inspired by her beauty and expertise.
You can tell her I sent you and that I said, she is way too wonderful to keep all to myself.
May 10, 2007

from Scratch…

Lately I have gotten into the habit of using my bisques mix when whipping up a batch of waffles, usually to save on time, either because have slept waaaaay and I have to hurry and get breakfast on the table before it’s lunchtime, or we are about to be late to church. Last Sat. morning convinced me that the extra 5 minutes it takes to make waffles from scratch is more than worth it. Instead of the usual gulping down of the dry/ bland bisquickies with a glass of milk and half a bottle of syrup…the waffles were moist and tasted good even without butter and syrup. Fresh strawberries and whip cream didn’t seem to hurth though. David and I just couldn’t stop " mmmm-ing " over them. . In fact I was impressed enough that I haven’t forgotten (and it’s Thursday) how much I want share this recipe with you:

Waffles From Scratch-
(from The Taste of Home Cookbook)                 

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/4 cup butter, melted

1) In a small bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt. Combine egg yolks, milk and butter; stir into dry ingredients just until moistened.

2) In a small mixing bowl, beat egg whites on medium speed until soft peaks form; gently fold into batter

3) Bake in a preheated waffle iron according to manufacturer’s directions until golden brown. Top with confectioners’ sugar and fruit or serve with syrup.

Yield: 4 waffles(about 6 inches)

May 4, 2007

Introduction to Inspiration Friday…

It’s a weekly posting that I have come to find many, including myself enjoy. But I have yet to find it here on Spaces.
The  basic gist is of it is to create posts with the sole purpose to  inspire
 I have been so inspired by the inspirations of friends that I have decided to join in the fun.
I will be posting my Friday Inspirations here.

You are more than welcome ( pretty please)  to do so as well! Many of the Inspiration Friday Posts that I have come across have a home/interior decor feel to them but that if that is not your thing, feel free to branch out into any number of themes you find Inspirational.

For some tuly lovely Inspiration Friday eye candy, check these lovely spots out:  

and be inspired.
May 1, 2007

Come what May…


It was suppose to rain today. But phooey. As if we would let a few gray clouds get in the way of our flower hunting on this golden little day. I have celebrated May Day, almost religiously ever since I was a small girl. And today was no exception. The gathering, the anticipation, playing the part of the clever little fairy, secretly deposting our "pocket full of posies’, onto the door-knobs of dear ones.

So this then dear friend, is for you:


Happy May Day!


April 19, 2007

14 Months Today

…and she’s officially walking.
Got an email from my Dad this afternoon, that read :
"There she goes!!!  Life will never be the same, but that’s ok." 
love pops


Her Favorite Things Right Now:

Playing peek-a-boo. Which consists of her yelling out "boooh" when she hides her face only to very quickly peek back at us with a huge grin, often accompanied by squeals. She is so very proud of herself for being so tricky!

And we of course laugh and laugh because we can’t help it.

The other big thing that she’s into right now is playing the bellybutton game. You really should try it sometime. The object is to lift your shirt ( or even your "team-mates" shirt if you’d rather) or look down your( or your "team-mates") shirt.

Once you’ve finally spotted the sought after b.b. (we have shortened it to "bee-boo") you burst out into a giggle of glee
 and then proceed to tickle yourself or your "team-mate" with gusto.
You repeat this pattern over and over until you get distracted by something like, the cat for instance.

Words She is saying:

Hi there!
happy! (this is my favorite word that she says)

boo ( boooh)
thank you ( we tell her, " say please’ so she says " tane-choo")
side (outside)
pretty (this is my other favorite word that she says…
usually either in response to someone’s earrings or a flower we’ve stopped to smell)
one ( if you ask her " how old is baby")
that (dat) she say to everthing as she points with her chubby little baby finger
snack (sna)
and drink (dink)

And she nods her head all the time. When we anyone says anything, She looks you in the eye nods. I mean, she is just always agreeable. Perhaps it’s has something to do with the fact that she has yet to learn to shake her head or say the word no,which of course we are in no hurry for her to add to her growing vocabulary list.


So aside from the occasional poop in the bath-tub, refusal to nap or eat her peas, emptying of the contents of every bottom drawer in our house, and the kind of fit that is accompanied by throwing oneself down on the floor, much wailing and kicking of the feet…being her mommy is pure bliss.

April 6, 2007

On this, Good Friday…



Blue skies with white clouds on summer days.

A myriad of stars on clear moonlit nights.

Tulips and roses and violets and dandelions and daisies.

Bluebirds and laughter and sunshine and Easter.


ee how He loves us!"

Alice Chapin

March 30, 2007

A List…

It’s been awhile since I sat down to write. I have forgotten to jot down so many little things that I will want to rememebr someday…but I don’t have a lot of time to organize my thoughts, so please bare with a random list. I am hoping it will jog my memory as I go:
  • Spring is in full swing as you can see from the newest photo album…and we have been enjoying every possible drop of sunshine.
  •  Annabelle is crazy about going outside. "Out-out" she calls it. Often when someone opens the door, and she cannot go out,  she’ll cry as if her heart as been broken.  I have to watch her very carefully when we are out of doors because she is very fond of sucking on rocks and eating dirt. I’m serious. It’s awful. You’d think after she’d tasted them once, she’d realize they aren’t at all delicious, but she hasn’t yet. Oh and she is also very tempted by George’s bowl of cat food. And I am afraid that if she tries it, especially after the rocks and dirt,  she may actually like it.  So you see,  I really can’t take my eyes off of her for a second, because we really can’t have our one year old going around eating cat-food.
  • We were able to see Pete, Minta and the kids while they were here a couple weekends ago. . It was a short but sweet time with them.  The baby is amazing and darling and just growing like a little weed. David and I were able to take Neslon and Faith and Anniebelle on a hilarious outing to the park. On our way there, four blocks from Grannie Annie’s Faith picked bouquets of bright yellow-stemmed things, thought of by most anyone but little girls as weeds. And Nelson kept calling them "c"andylions which I thought was irresistably cute, and still remember it several weeks later. That afternoon at the park stands out in my short-term memory as a particularly bright spot, as we love our times wih them!
    On these warm days when the sky is a shade for-get-me not blue. We have brought the outdoors in and the indoors out by and turning our porch into a extra room. I have blocked off the stairs with a baby-gate and set up a studio of sorts for myself, complete with vintage tablecloth over a small patio table, a chair, and plenty of toys for babykins. . and it makes the most wonderful playroom ever, as we happily come and go at our leisure
  • Annabelle has been taking steps for several weeks now…somedays she is very brave and will take off across the room on her own, other’s we have to coax and bribe her…still I know it’s only a short time until she prefers running circles around me, to crawling around like a little lightning bug.
  • David has joined the Volunteer Fire Department in the small town where we live in. The initial training lasts 10 weeks and is very intensive. He is going several nights a weeks and all day Saturday, on top of a full time job and studying 2-4 hours daily. So as you can imagine, we are literally marking off the weeks until he is official. And he looks so good in full-garb. It suits him. Like he was born to be a firefighter or something. Maybe he was…we have to wait and see about that.
  • While we miss him so much when he is gone, I have tried to fill up my evenings with projects and have been working away on a little cyber shop of my own, in a "place" called Etsy that you can find here. It has been so much fun to have a creative outlet, along with the appeal and possibility of earning a little extra money.
  • I must have spring fever or something because today I mowed the lawn, weeded the front-yard flower border and  finished up pruning all my roses. A. Kathy gave me a pruning lesson and I tried to follow her instructions, but I am a little nervous, being a first-time pruner and all, I just hope I haven’t killed them all. Also today, I made the delightful discovery today that the sweet peas I planted in the middle of Feb. have all come up quite nicely. It is truly lovely to have flowers blooming in the yard once again… 
  • So the busy happy days fill up and fly by and any chance to be together as a family, even just snuggling on the living room floor for 10 min. is very much of a treat. Makes me really appriciate the things I have taken for granted  as being "normal everyday life" like sitting down for a evening meal, without anyone having to rush off, taking a evening stroll around the neighborhood, sleeping in on Sat mornings, and then getting to spend the whole entire day together. But after tommorow I will have checked off another week, with only 7 left to go! I am just so glad that I  have a precious little bestest friend  and side-kick here at all times. She is such good, cute company for her mommy.
  • As someone once said "Real life is the the best fairytale of all.
March 16, 2007

Birthday Party Tales…

We did in fact end up having a party in honor of little Miss Annabelle Lucy’s first birthday this past Saturday, after having cancled and rescheduled, TWICE. My parents were there all the way from ID. which was a treat, to say the least. Mom and I whipped out this pretty party banner last minute. We were both so thrilled with the way it turned out and I would love to make more to sell in my very own online shop at a place called Etsy.

It is still hanging over the table in my dining room and find myself still so enchanted by it that I may end up leaving it there forever.
As you can see, our little party was a complete with pink tulips, cupcakes, a soft yellow with polka-dots, " floo-fee" dress and a bunch, a bouquet of sorts ,if you will, of beautiful " guests" all laughing and eating jelly beans.
And I must make mention of all the lovely little presents, like the oh so cute, wee girly pink car shown below, a so sweet gift from Annabelle’s lovely Great Auntie Kris.

It was a smashing success if I do say so myself.